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img Visualizing magnificent fast forward water faucets and crafting them to utmost precision. This scribes our core philosophy and attributes for our state-of-the-art engineering. Our breathtaking world-class designs, as show cased in an array of SPRING Collections with top-of-the line features, makes connoisseurs enjoy premium life style they had always aspired for.

Established in 2000, SPRINGS, a brand owned by Krishna Enterprises has today emerged as a premium faucet brand for its hallmark designs, haute craftsmanship and innovative technology. Headquartered in Mathura, U.P., India, it is also the site for state-of-the-art product design, integrated manufacturing line and highend quality control department, At SPRINGS We work with passion to keep.

Research and Development : the company has an in-house R&D department comprising of 3 main wings



In house full fledged unit that develops new, innovative, up market design concept in tune with changing customer tastes.


Where all the tools and dies used in the entire manufacturing process are made. Specialerosion machines are used for making master dies.


Fully equipped for testing of raw material, maintenance of process, sustained R&D efforts, testing of chemicals, coating, thickness of parts, finished product etc.

THE SPRINGS CREATIONS : Where quality and design go hand in hand

Made of quality brass materials with high percentage of copper, SPRINGS excudes an extremely sturdy look. At the same time, it is designed to cast a smooth inner surface that allows free flow of water.

What's more, the use of specially designed ceramic disc as internal cartridge, guarantees full flow of water even under low pressure.


A passion for world-class technology and a commitment to humanly approach lends us an edge over the others. And that is precisely why we go at length to unleash the marvel of aqua-dynamics. The array of SPRINGS water faucets not only conjures up a chic image of modern lifestyle, but simultaneously enables people to explore the utility of water in a more effective manner.


THE PRICE FACTOR : Customer's delight

We are committed to bring out the best and make living simple yet stylish. We tahe utmost care to deliver customers good value for their money.

OUR FAMILY HAS A PASSION FOR WATER : You get products from :

- Country's Leading company in bathroom fittings.
- Sister concern of "L&K" that is in this trade for the last 60 years.
- Springs that is one of the leading exporter of bathroom fittings.
- Company that manufactures its own products within Spring factory having R&D department.

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